Various Activities That Are A Must In Nevada

There are so many things to do in Nevada that you simply can not do them all in one visit. Many of the best attractions are those that people don’t tell you about, but that you find on your own by visiting or doing some research. Luckily you came to this information so you are getting a jump start of some of the lesser thought of activities.

One of the gems of the state is the Red Rocks National Conservation Area. It was the very first conservation area in the state that was set aside to be preserved for generations to come. If you have never even seen a picture of it you are missing out. With that said, a simple picture can not do it justice.

While there are thousands of visitors each year it is one of those places that deserves more attention than it gets. Essentially it is a massive plateau surrounded by flat land that leaves visitors wondering how it could even have formed. If you do visit you can do a large variety of activities, much like you would expect at any large preserve, such as hiking, picnicking, biking and even taking tours in your vehicle.

If you plan to visit this park it is best to take the time to plan your trip in advance to be sure that you know all of the park rules, hours of operation and what you can and cannot expect. Just like any other area that you visit there are rules set in place to ensure the protection of the land and the natural habitats of wild life and plants.

Another attraction that does not get the attention that it deserves is the Hoover Dam. Years ago it was a hot vacation destination but in recent years it has dropped on the list. This, however, does not mean that it is any less fascinating. Like the attraction listed above, there are not any way to truly understand its beauty and power without seeing it first hand. Again, you want to be sure to plan in advance as there are set visiting hours and you just may be able to plan to have a tour.

Nevada is a state that often gets missed when planning a vacation, other than Las Vegas of course. The state has so much more than that to offer. Be sure that you are not one of those that miss out on the many options.